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Mega Data Recovery is one of the fastest growing Companies in the history of Data Recovery both at home and in Europe. We are currently planning to expand our scope to Asia, America, Africa and rest of the World.  Mega Data Recovery has a team of highly dedicated Engineers with good experience on Data Recovery. 

Mega Data Recovery Repair and Recover data from all types of Storage Media such as SD card, MC, MMC ,CD, DVD, Micro Drive, Hard Drives or Hard Disks(Laptop and Desktop), Server and Raid System (Raid 0, Raid 1,Raid 4, Raid 5, Raid 5 RAID 0+1, RAID 1+0 and other Raid combinations. Irrespective of the Operative System in use - such as Windows, Linux, Mac etc., Mega Data Recovery is well equipped and capable to take care of all the challenges.
Whatever the connection interface: (IDE, EIDE), Serial ATA (SATA), SCSI, SAS, and Fibre Channel,  Mega Data Recovery is able to move with technology by using the modest method of data recovery to ensure and achieve a high data recovery rate, thus minimizing loss of data. As a result Mega Data Recovery ensures that all data recovery processes are done in a Clean Room and dust free Environment to prevent or minimise loss of data.  

The fact that every data is precious and personal, we ensure and guarantee Data protection and privacy of our Customers.

Whenever any of your Hard Disk, Raid / Server or any other storage media starts to malfunction, try not to attempt recovery by yourself, an attempt may lead to irreversible damage, eventually a total and permanent loss of the data. You don’t want this to happen.
Contact our representative nearest to you. We run a free diagnose to your media, detailing the faults and the possible cost of repair. We will also send you a comprehensive File list of the recoverable data for your approval. We will not exceed the pre quoted and agreed cost of repair in any circumstances.


Mega Data Recovery offers a great deal of fairness to their Customers on recovery processes and our prices. We operate on a fair basis of None Payment Scheme when we cannot achieve your aim. In other words, No Recovery No Fee, thus leaving you with nothing to loose. That means if we cannot recover the Data from your Hard Drive/Disk or Raid/Server Unit, you will not be charged for the labor. 
Our Forensics Discovery and Data Recovery service provides cost effective solutions to both Private and Companies at large.
We provide and satisfy our Customers with a Fast, Efficient, Competent and Reliable service. A trial will convince.

It is highly recommended that when your storage media of any kind such as [SD card, MC, MMC, CD, DVD, Micro Drive, Hard Drives (Laptop and Desktop), Server and Raid System (Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 4, Raid 5, Raid 6, RAID 0+1, RAID 1+0. any of your Hard Disk, Raid / Server] develops any fault of any kind, give us a ring to diagnose the media for free. Repeated attempt to use or fix without proper diagnostic and repair tools may cause further and sometimes, irreversible damage to Media.

With us, you have the following advantages: (Services)

  • Free diagnose of your hardware
  • A full File list of recoverable data
  • Pre quoted FIXED recovery cost
  • Free secure and reliable postage
  • Data security and protection applies
  • Fast, Efficient, Competent and Reliable.

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Hard Drives: Mini Drives,Laptop Drives,Desktop & Tower Drives

Disks / Hard Drives

We recover from all types of drive (from Laptop and Desktop), irrespective of what Operative System (Windows-ME/2000, XP or Vista, Mac, Linux, Unix, Sun or Novell NetWare) that may installed on the Drive. We are equipped to take care of all drive interface you might have, be it SCSI, IDE or SATA.

All damages are broadly classified into 3 major problems, these are :

  • Logical Problem

  • Physical Problem

  • Electrical Problem

Data loss can be as a result of many reasons:

  • Virus Infection

  • Partition corruption

  • Hard disk component failure e.g Motor Seizure

  • Fire and water damage

  • Power Surge – Damage to Electrical components

  • Accidental deletion of data, overwritten, or formatted Hard Drive

  • Inaccessibility of data due to drive being protected by ATA password

  • Impact damage when dropped

  • Water or Flood damage

  • Natural disaster like Flood/Water or Heat.

  • Vandalism and Sabotage

  • Drive Platters with excessive bad sectors

  • Bad Sectors, Magnetic Heads Failure or Motor damage

  • Corrupted Master File Table(MFT) or File Allocation Table

No matter the cause, we will try our various methods of recovery to get the data back.

Raids and Servers
SERVERS AND RAID 1, 0, 5, JBOD Raid, Plus Other Raid Combinations.

MDR rebuild and recover from whatever kind of Server/Raid, even if it is a Software Raid or Raid 0, 1, 5 or any other combination it may be configured.

Raid – 0 is commonly referred to as Stripping. Information’s are split through the member drives but no redundancy is saved. A defect in any member of the component drive will lead to percentage loss of data.

Raid – 1 is commonly referred to as Mirroring. In this type of Raid, data is evenly duplicated through the member drives. A full and total recovery can still be achieved even if one of the components drives fails or damaged.

Raid – 5 is commonly referred to as Striping and Parity. In this type of raid, a minimum of 3 hard drives is needed. Data is stored in stripes and parity among the component. If a failure in one of the drives occur, the defect one can be replaced and rebuilt. Subsequently, a full data recovery is achievable.

There are still many types of raid, these could be JBOD Raid, RAID 5E, RAID 6, RAID 0+1, RAID 1+0 etc.

Whatever the type of raid, Operative system or Machine used, We are well equipped to diagnosed your Raid Combinations and no matter how many drives are in the Raid combinations, Leave it to us and we will do all within our reach to get your treasured and valuable data back as soon as possible. Our Engineers have a wide range and many years of experience and handle such problems almost on daily basis.almost on daily basis.
Removable Media
REMOVABLE MEDIA: SD CARDS, COMPACT FLASH, Micro SD, Mini SD, MMC, USB etc. These type of Removable media ranging from low data storage to high capacity storage, and even whatever devices that it may be used for, weather it is used on Camera, Video recorder, laptop, PC etc., Just send it to us, we would recover the data and copy it to any device of your choice. Maximum data recovery is our main goal, to promote integrity and to achieve our Customers expectations.

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